Desert Eagle National Flight Academy
Camp Boucher - Ephrata, WA (EPH)                                                 
18 May 2020




FROM: Director, “Desert Eagle” National Flight Academy (NFA)  

SUBJECT: Desert Eagle National Flight Academy, CANCELLATION NOTICE

1.    It is with real regret that I must inform you that Desert Eagle, National Flight Academy, Ephrata, WA is being cancelled due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.


2.    In the Forms tab, above, you will find a link to the “Activity Refund Request” form.   Please COMPLETE this form and E-mail to Col David Maxwell at so that we can expeditiously complete your refund. Please do this by the end of next week – the sooner the better.   NOTE:  The Activity Refund Request form is a standard form and indicates that the “$100 deposit will not be refunded.”  Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, National has ruled that ALL deposits will be refunded.  In other words, include your deposit in the box that says “Amount Paid.”


3.   POLICY FOR SLOTTING NEXT YEAR:  We will not be able to promise a slot, but the scoring system will help you.  If you scored well this year, next year you will be increased in rank and longevity, along with age which adds points.  If you list this activity as your #1 choice next year and are approved, it is very likely that you would garner a slot again.  BUT NOT GUARANTEED.  This COVID Pandemic and the chaos caused are discouraging elements but in life, perseverance counts – so PERSEVERE.  Do not let go of your dreams – stay involved and help your squadron get back up and running.


            If you have questions, please contact us at "