Washington Wing Flight Academy 2019

Desert Eagle XVI

Registration will open around 1 March 2019
Registration closes on 1 May at 2359 

Staff: 15 July to 27 July

Students: 16 July to 27 July

Ground School Students: 27 July to 31 July

The Washington Wing Flight Academy is for Washington and Oregon Wing cadets only.

2018 Flight Academy Information

Pre-Solo Glider students will receive approximately 22 ground tow and 8 aero tow instructional flights.

Solo Glider Students will receive approximately 15 aero flights or 6 hours of flight time.

Powered students will receive approximately 10 hours of flight training.


All students must submit a refundable deposit at the time of registration of $200

The total cost for Pre-Solo (Basic) Glider Students is                                       $1250

The total cost for Solo (Advanced) Glider Students is                                       $1500

The total cost for Power Students is                                                                    $1700

The cost for the add-on Ground School is                                                           $300

The cost for CadeStaff Members is                                                                    $150 

We don’t want finances to hold anyone back, ask your Unit Commander for support. Many units have funds and funds policies to support members for training. Wing also has scholarship money donated by organizations and individuals. Contact Lt Col Esson at shannon.esson@wawg.cap.gov for information to make a donation. 


All required forms are due electronically to Major Talley are due by 1 May

The $200 deposit is due to Wing Headquarters by 1 May

Registration closes 1 May

The confirmation letter from the applicant signed by the applicant, parent and unit commander is due by 3 May

Student selection and notification 9 to 17 May

Final payments and scholarship funds due 13 June

Any applicant whose funds and forms have not been received by the dates noted above will be placed in standby status.

Scholarships may be available – check with your unit and Wing. Members who have a unit scholarship must submit a copy of a WAWG Check Request Form WWF31 signed by their Unit Commander made out to Flight Academy in the proper amount.  The Unit Commander must also send an email to Major Talley the Project Officer (majormiket@me.com) detailing the approved scholarship amount and the Members the scholarships apply to. The approval email should also be cc’d to the WAWG Administrator (wawa@wawg.cap.gov).

Medical Issues, Medication:

Safety and health of Cadets are of paramount importance to us. Cadets who have medical concerns should note them on their Form CAPF160 and inform the Senior Staff upon check-in. We need clear, prompt, honest communication from Cadets regarding injuries or conditions in order to keep them healthy and safe. Cadets should at no time attempt to “tough it out,” and will not be looked down on for their concerns or issues.

Under Washington State Law, it is illegal for any person other than a Parent or Legal guardian to administer medication, prescription or not, to minors. Cadets with prescriptions should bring appropriate doses, carry them if needed, and self-administer appropriately. You must also submit a completed, signed CAPF163.

Training Information:

For the students, the flight and ground school training is intensive. The students will be in class or flying most of the day. There will be limited free time each day.

For the optional add-on Ground School, (strongly suggested for the advanced glider and power students) the students will receive classroom instruction to prepare them to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam. The fee to take the exam is $150. This fee is added to your lodging and meals for a total cost of $300. The Ground School is intense in preparation for the written examination. Free time will be very limited for the 4 days of ground school, but your efforts will pay off handsomely when you walk away from the testing facility with the written portion of the Private Pilot test COMPLETE.

Glider and power aircraft students may be allowed to make a single solo flight if they meet all of the training requirements and have demonstrated flying abilities and the glider students have a Student Pilots’ Certificate and the power students have an FAA Class 3 Medical and Student Pilots’ Certificate.

We will be uploading photos to the Washington Wing Facebook Page, so parents and others may receive daily updates. 

The Facebook page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/pg/wawgcap/photos/?tab=albums

I look forward to seeing you all in July!

Michael Talley Major, CAP

Flight Academy Project Officer/Registrar