Ground School

Optional Ground School Add-On Course: 27 Jul to 30 Jul

A minimum of 6 students is required for this course to be offered. This course is only offered to Advanced Glider and Powered students.  

The cost for Optional Extended Ground School is $300. This includes the $150 fee for taking the FAA test.  If the Instructor determines that the student is not ready to test, the student will not be signed off to test and the fee will be refunded. 

During the optional add-on Ground School, the students will receive intensive classroom instruction to prepare them to take the online FAA Private pilot exam. We will transport students to take the exam at Moses Lake. Students will test on July 29 and 30.  

Cadets will be released after testing with parental approval.  Otherwise, all cadets will be released at 1300 on 30 July.

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