Academy Photo 2010

Washington Wing Flight Academy 2016

Desert Eagle XIII

Students: 20 July to 31 July
Staff: 18 July to 31 July

The Washington Wing Flight Academy is for members of Washington and Oregon Wings only.
Cadet Staff applicants wanted.

Registration will open 15 March! Sign up early! 
We need students and cadet and senior staff.
Registration closes 4 May

2016 Flight Academy Operations Orders and Parents Information 

Cost and Payment

All students must submit a refundable deposit at the time of registration of       $200.00

The total cost for Pre-Solo (Basic) Glider Students is                                         $1000.00

The total cost for Solo (Advanced) Glider Students is                                         $1115.00

The total cost for Power Students is                                                                     $1310.00 

The cost for Cadet and Senior Staff Members is                                                  $120.00 

The cost for Staff Members not able to support the full event period is prorated at $12 per day for the number of days they attend

Payments are made by check payable to Civil Air Patrol. Write "Desert Eagle" in the memo line of the check. If the student's last name is not the same as the person signing the check, write the student's last name in the memo line. Checks are to be mailed to Washington Wing Headquarters at the address shown in the Registration Instructions document.

See the Flight Academy Registration Instructions document on the "Documents" tab for detailed instructions to complete the registration process

Here are the critical dates:

Registration opens 15 March

The confirmation letter from the applicant signed by the applicant, parent and unit commander is due by 13 April

All required forms are due electronically to Major Talley are due by 4 May

The $200 deposit is due to Wing Headquarters by 4 May

Registration closes 4 May 

Student selection and notification 11 to 15 May

Final payments and scholarship funds due 27 June

Any applicant whose funds and forms have not been received by the dates noted above will be placed in standby status and cannot be further considered for attendance.

In order to reduce the need to mail paper forms we are using email to transmit documents. We prefer the documents to be shared in PDF format. If you do not have the necessary software or hardware at home to do this check with other members of your Squadron for help. You may also find help at your local library. 

Scholarships may be available from your Squadron and/or Wing. Use the Washington Wing form 39 to request a scholarship. Please read the form carefully as there are supporting documents required also. See the WAWG OI 15-03 FM Cadet Activities Scholarships document in the documents tab for more information.  

 Members who have a unit scholarship must submit a copy of a WAWG Check Request Form WWF31 signed by their Unit Commander made out to Flight Academy in the proper amount.  The Unit Commander must also send an email to Major Talley the Project Officer ( detailing the approved scholarship amount and the Members the scholarships apply to. The approval email should also be cc’d to the WAWG Administrator ( We don’t want finances to hold anyone back, ask your Unit Commander for support. Many units have funds and funds policies to support members for training.

             Check-in and Check-out Information:

Check-in Time for Staff:                                                 

1200 to 1300                       – Monday 18 July and on Tuesday 19 July

Check-in time for Students: 

1300 to 1400                       – Wednesday 20 July

Check-out/Graduation (Cadet Students): 

Graduation ceremony 1100  - Sunday 31 July

End of clean up                     – Sunday 31 July

Checkout Time (Staff):  

End of clean up                     – Sunday 31 July

Cadets will not be released until the building has been cleaned and passes inspection by the building managers.

Check-in Location:                  Camp Boucher Ephrata, WA (See Map in the documents section)

Check-in Uniform:                   Civilian clothing or BDUs (See Packing List in the documents section)

Graduation Location:               Lindner Hall, Camp Boucher

Any staff members who are available to arrive a day or two prior to 18 July, please let me know. We can use your help to get prepared.

All members must have current CAPID Card. If a member has not received their card, they may substitute printed proof of membership from eServices.

Members must have previously submitted completed and signed the forms required by the registration Instructions document 

See the Flight Academy Registration Instructions document available for download here for complete registration requirements.

All members must be current with safety and have completed at least basic ORM, OPSEC and the CAP Aircraft Ground Handling Courses.

Glider students and staff must have completed the Wing Runner Course.

Staff Members are encouraged to complete the of ORM Intermediate Course.

Power students must bring the original of a document showing proof of U S citizenship or approval from the TSA to receive power flight instruction. The document originals will be returned to the student. Students will not be allowed to receive flight training without presenting acceptable identification. Acceptable forms of id are:

  • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport
  • Original or government-issued birth certificate of the U.S., American Samoa, or Swains Island AND a government-issued picture ID
  • Original certificate of birth abroad with raised seal (Form FS-545 or DS-1350) AND a government-issued picture ID
  • Original certificate of U.S. citizenship with raised seal (Form N-560 or N-561) or a Certificate of Repatriation (Form N-581) AND government-issued pictured ID
  • Original U.S. Naturalization Certificate with raised seal (Form N-550 or N-570) AND a government-issued picture ID


Monday Staff Check-in: No meals provided.

Tuesday staff check in: Cereal and sandwiches for lunch, hot meal for dinner

Wednesday Student Check-in: No breakfast or lunch provided for students.

Please note any food, medical or allergy issues on the form CAPF160 and inform appropriate Staff upon check-in.

                     Medical Issues, Medication:

Safety and health of Cadets is of paramount importance to us. Cadets who have medical concerns should note them on their Form CAPF160, inform the Senior Staff upon check-in, and inform their immediate Cadet superiors before. We need clear, prompt, honest communication from Cadets regarding injuries or conditions in order to keep them healthy and safe. Cadets should at no time attempt to “tough it out,” and will not be looked down on for their concerns or issues.

Under Washington State Law, it is illegal for any person other than a Parent or Legal guardian to administer medication, prescription or not, to minors. Cadets with prescriptions should bring appropriate doses, carry them if needed, and self-administer appropriately. You must also submit a completed, signed CAPF163.

                          Class Materials and Packing List:

Some class materials will be provided for students (handouts, etc.). Students must sign out any provided books and the books must be returned at the end of the Academy. However, students will need to bring a pen, paper, binder, and leadership texts, and durable water bottle/canteen/hydration pouch in order to participate fully in classroom activities. A packing list has been included, please find and use it at your discretion. The Cadet Commander or Flight Instructors may ask you to bring additional items in order to meet their specific training needs.

                       Academy Uniform Items

For students:

Academy supplied gray t-shirt with CAP logo

Student supplied khaki shorts or long pants – bring 3 pair minimum

Student supplied black belt – the BDU belt may be used

Student supplied plain white socks

Student supplied plain athletic shoes

Student supplied Air Force style sunglasses

Student supplied Air Force blues for the banquet

Student supplied civilian clothing for free time

Student supplied conservative swimming attire 

Glider students may wear Academy supplied boonie hats

 Power students may wear Academy supplied blue baseball caps

 For senior members instructing in gliders or power aircraft:

Same uniform as the students is preferred or:

Blue polo shirt or white aviators shirt with CAP logo with gray pants

For non-flying senior and cadet staff members:

Same uniform as the students is preferred or:

Blue polo or white aviators shirt with CAP logo with gray pants for seniors

Additional uniform issues:

No open toed shoes

No toe shaped shoes

No short shorts

Shower shoes only in the barracks going to and from the shower

student supplied gray, hooded sweatshirt is recommended for cool mornings

All student or senior supplied clothing items must have the members’ last name marked in indelible ink to find their items

after they have been washed.

                         Graduation Information:

Parents are encouraged to attend the Graduation Ceremony on Sunday 31 July, at 11:00 AM, at Camp Boucher in Lindner Hall. Students and staff will not be permitted to leave until the facility is clean and in order and inspected by the facility manager.

                                    Code of Conduct:

First and foremost, Members are expected to abide by the CAP Honor Code which has been adopted from the US Air Force Academy:"We Will Not Lie, Steal or Cheat, Nor Tolerate Among Us Anyone Who Does."

In addition, the Flight Academy has the following code of conduct for members to abide by. Violation of any of these principles (or the CAP Honor Code) will cause the a Member to be removed immediately from current activities for counseling and will be considered grounds for dismissal from the Flight Academy without credit, based on the discretion of the Flight Academy Director. A Code of Conduct form must be signed by the student and parent or guardian and submitted as part of the registration process. If there is a problem, a letter detailing the nature of the violations and the actions taken will be sent to the Member, if a Cadet, the Cadet’s Parents/Legal Guardians, the Member’s Unit, and Washington Wing HQ.

                    Flight Academy Code of Conduct Rules:

·       We will observe the USAF and CAP Core Values:

o   Integrity First

o   Service before self

o   Excellence in all we do

·       The safety of our Members is paramount, and will not be compromised.

·       The Chain of Command must be observed and respected, except for matters of safety.

·       Hazing and fraternization will not be tolerated.

·       No alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescribed controlled substances are tolerated on the premises.

·       No weapons are tolerated on the premises.

·       No gambling or objectionable reading material is allowed on the premises.

·       Cadets will remain in their bunks after lights out, except for emergencies and bathroom trips.

·       Members will adhere to proper hygiene (showers, teeth, etc.) and uniform appearance.

·       Proper Sign-In and Sign-Out procedures must be observed.

·       Students will not bring phones or other electronic devices.

·       Cadet Staff will adhere to phone use guidance proscribed by the Academy Commander.

·       Cadets will at no time operate a motor vehicle while signed in.

·       Cadets will not ride in vehicles or aircraft not operated by Senior Members while signed in.

·       Cadets will turn in car keys at sign in

Contact Information:

Feel free to contact the following with concerns before or during the activity with questions, comments, or concerns.
Camp Boucher Office        509-754-3273          50 Airport St NE    Ephrata, WA 98823

Major Michael Talley         Project Officer            425.359.0133  

Captain Eddie Rojas           Glider Program          253.244.0166   

 Training Information:

Airplane students will receive approximately 9 hours of flight training and may be charged for any extra flight time.  

Pre Solo Glider students will receive approximately 15 ground tow and 15 aero tow instructional flights.

Solo Glider Students will receive approximately 25 aero flights.

We make every effort to provide the above flight times and flights to our Cadets. However the weather is not under our control and could impact training.

For the glider and power students the flight and ground school training is intensive. The students will be in class or flying most of the day. There will be limited free time each day. If you have a log book make sure and bring it.

Power aircraft students may be allowed to make a single solo flight if they meet all of the training requirements and their demonstrated flying abilities and they have a FAA Class 3 Medical and Student Pilots’ Certificate. 

Pre solo glider students may be allowed to make a single solo flight if they meet all of the training requirements and their demonstrated flying abilities and they have a Student Pilots’ Certificate

Solo glider students may make solo flights based on their prior training and demonstrated flying abilities and they have a FAA Student Pilots’ Certificate. If you have a log book make sure and bring it.


The FAA has revised the process to obtain a student pilots certificate and class 3 medical. Solo flight is not guaranteed at the Academy. However, without the FAA students pilots certificate for glider students and both the student pilots certificate and FAA Class 3 medical for power students you can receive flight training but will not be able to solo if you meet all of the solo requirements.

The new process can take 3 to 4 weeks. Student applicants should begin the process to obtain the necessary FAA documents at the time they register. See the document "FAA Student Pilots Certificate and Medical info " in the "Documents" section of this site describing the process to obtain the student pilots certificate and Class 3 medical. The complete details are contained in the FAA Advisory Circular AC-61-65F section 11. This document is available in the "Documents" section of this site.

This process takes some time so applicants should begin this at the time registration opens on 15 March.

 If you have a log book make sure and bring it. Power students will also have to have their information input to WIMIRS. See the "Solo Pilot eServices Help" document available in the "Documents" section of this site.

We must minimize distractions for the students to allow them to get the most from their training.

Students are encouraged NOT to bring cell phones, iPods or other electronic devices to the Academy. 

If they arrive with such devices they will be turned in and returned at the end of the Academy. We will make limited provisions for students to make phone calls every 4 to 5 days as time permits during free time in the evenings. Students may bring a pre paid phone calling card to minimize cost to the Academy if they use the Academy phones.

We have created a Facebook page for the Academy so parents and others may receive daily updates. The Facebook page can be accessed at       


   Flight Academy Registration Detailed Instructions

Download and read the 

Flight Academy Registration Instructions available on the "Documents" tab on this site

This document is your checklist to outline the further actions you need to take to complete your registration. 

Please go over the detailed instructions carefully. Missing or incomplete information will delay processing your application.

Register in the Registration section of this site. Make sure you supply all the required information. 

When we have received your on line application we will email your Squadron Commander a letter notifying them that you have registered and outlining the requirements for you to attend and what the fees are. The commander is requested to go over the letter with the cadet applicant and their parents. The letter must be signed by the commander, cadet and parents and emailed back by to Major Talley by 13 April. If your letter has not been received by this date your application will be placed in stand by status.

All of the necessary forms are available for download from the Documents tab of this site. 

We will be making the final selection of the students on 11 May. All Cadets that have completed all of the steps to register as students will be notified whether they have been accepted or placed on the waiting list at that time. If you are not accepted you may be offered the option of attending as a Cadet Staff member.

I look forward to seeing you all in July!

 Michael Talley Major, CAP

Flight Academy Project Officer